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In 2019
It received the “Zhejiang Province Science and Technology SME”, successfully applied for 6 utility models patents and 2 inventions. Started the project of plant expansion, build a R&D building with 6 floors in the factory area.
In 2018
It was awarded with the “Top Private Export Enterprise” and received the “Ouhai Product Brand” award for its ORANGE D’OR women’s cotton clothing. In the same year the company applied 6 utility models patents.
In 2017
The company established an office and warehouse in Paris, the world’s fashion capital to develop its own second tier brand CLAIRVAL.
In 2015
Obtained the “AEO certificate”.
In 2014
The company was awarded with the titles “Leader Enterprise”, “Top leading garment industry enterprise”, “Vice President of Garment Industry Association” and “Student Charity and Aid”
In 2013
The company received the titles for “Wenzhou top export brands” and “Advanced Enterprise”.
In 2012
The Company was awarded with the titles “Top Hundred Enterprises”, “Principal Foreign Exchange Earning” and “Large Taxpayer”.
In 2011
The company was awarded with the “Outstanding Enterprise” and “Large Taxpayer” title. In the same year, BOOTY JEANS settled in the Tmall store and opened new offices and warehouses overseas.
In 2010
The company’s new factory was completed, covering more than 20 acres area.
In 2009
It made a collaboration with the famous French designer Eric, to enhance fashion.
In 2008
The Company completely upgraded the Diya brand strategy.
In 1999
It was created a technical research and development (R&D) team
En el a?o 1998
En el a?o 1998, La corporación Zhejinag Diya Fashion limitada se estableció en el segundo distrito de Paris, Francia. En el mismo a?o, se abrió la fábrica manufacturera de ropa en la calle sur Dongfang N°28 en la zona de desarrollo económico de Ouhai.
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